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For Photo and Video Cameras



    The BMS is perfect for big sport zoom lens which has a tripod ring adapter on it, like the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II USM Lens. Two hands total control of your camera and lens. Super pan and tilt, perfect for action follow photography such as sport and wild life photography. The BMS can hold your camera up and lets you wait for the best action and click on the right moment.

    The BMS might not good for Super Telephoto Fix Lens from 600 MM and up. ( Tripod might be the only good supporter for 600 mm and up fix lens. )

    The BMS is no need for wide angle lens, because wide angle lens are all light weight lens and wide angle lens no need that much stable to capture the picture, just hand held is good enough in most of the situation.



    The BMS is a very good camera support system supported from your body. No more arms and shoulders pain. Allow you total and direct control of your camera. It is perfect for action follow.

    The BMS is NOT a body mounted camera stabilizer system. It is No GOOD for run or walk (Subject follow). But it is very good for you to go from one place to another place, than stand or sit down and shoot video. Super pan and tilt - Perfect for action follow such as wedding, sport and wild life videographer.

    Since the BMS is mounted on your body, your breathing might cause the movement for video recording, so the BMS is No GOOD for long and far stationary subject such as a speaker stand in the dais and you are in the far way to record the video.

    The BMS is excellent for zooming to 8X and very good to 12X. For up to 20X zooming, you need to practice to keep your breathing calm.


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