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Differences between the BMS and the others


What are the big differences between the BMS (Body Mount Supporter) and the other supporters?

First, for your use: Total Two Hands Control on Your Camera

    The BMS not only supports your camera but also supports both your arms. It gives you total control of your camera (both hands) with a long, stable shooting without fatigue. The BMS is mounted on your body to support the total weight of your camera, the BMS itself and even your arms.

    The other supporters make you holding up the total weight of your camera, the supporter itself and both your arms. This makes your shoulder getting tired in just a minute and in result making a shaky shot. (After using your camera for a day, you will got arms and shoulders pain in the following week or two weeks.)

Second, the BMS is the only and the best supporter for sport photography:

    All professional sport photographers use big telephoto lens, those lens are very heavy and need stable to shoot photo. Some of them are just impossible to be hand held. The monopod is the only supporter for this kind of use before arrived of the BMS. Monopod has limited action follow range; pan and tilt are not easy. The BMS has a fast full range action follow and all photos are in well balance.

    Sport photographers need fast reaction and mobility possible for the subject. The BMS is just designed for this.

    ( By the way, tripod is not allowed in many places for example Olympic Game, because it takes too much space to operate. For the use, tripod need setup time and has very narrow action follow range. )

Third, the BMS is the only supporter to carry all your equipment:

    The BMS carries your camera on your body, free both your hands, you can do something else or just rest your arms. And with the Belly Side Holding Plates, you can carry one or two more cameras on your body, and they will not hit between them.

    For the other supporters, you have to hold your camera and the supporter all the time and this will continually fatigue your hands, arms and shoulders. And you have a risk of drop your camera down or hit on somewhere else. Those supporters can only hold one camera.

Fourth, the BMS is the only supporter helping you to work in a rainy day:

    Together with the Umbrella Holder, the BMS can hold an umbrella for you to work in a rainy day. It is just like a third hand for you, helping you work and protect your investment.

Finally, the BMS is your much and best investment for your photo and video work:

    The BMS is built from the best materials and well tested before shipping out. It is the best supporter on the market with a reasonable price. Rigid long life construction gives you long usage.

    And the most important feature of the BMS is helping you to achieve a good work easily.

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